Latest True Love Shayari/Poetry In Hindi, English, Urdu 2022

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True Love Shayari In Urdu/Roman Urdu

Khayal rakha karo apna

Bohat duaon se manga hai tumhe

خیال رکھا کرو اپنا

بہت دعاؤں سے مانگا ہے تمہیں

urdu love poetry

La parwah sa hoon magar

Teri bohat parwah karta hoon

لا پرواہ سا ہوں مگر

تیری بہت پرواہ کرتا ہوں

Love Poetry/shayari in urdu

Tera jannat main sath manga hai

Ye dunya to mehaz faani hai

تیرا جنت میں ساتھ مانگا ہے

یہ دنیا تو محض فانی ہے

True Love Shayari In Hindi

मुझे परवाह नहीं है लेकिनमेरे

द्वारा आपका बहुत खयाल रखा जाता है

Hindi True Love Poetry

सौंदर्य अच्छा हैमेरे

प्रिय का पश्चाताप

मुझे आपकी सेवा पर गर्व कैसे नहीं हो सकता?

मैंने कुछ अपना बनाया है

लोग उठकर देखते रहेंगेहम

आपके स्तर पर बैठेंगे

True Love Shayari in Hindi

True Love Poetry In English

Some distance lies between us now

In all aspects of the word

Over mountain tops, yet under clouds

Your whispers are still heard


Hundreds of miles in between

My very self and yours

Yet I can feel you here right by my side

Like the times spent on the shore

True love Poetry in English

There’s a light in you that always glows

And I’ve seen it through dark brush

Your natural guidance lifts my soul

And leads me through untouched


You’re the sense of sun following the rain

And the light that casts all-day

Come dusk, you provide me with some shade

And steal my dreams away

True Love Shayari In English

Feelings of betrayal, greed, defiance;

Traits I’ll forget to know

Of all this world’s demons and tyrants

They’ll never stop your glow

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