*New* Sad Death Shayari in Urdu 2022 (Heart Touching Sad Death SMS)

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Sad Death Shayari in Urdu  | Death Emotional Sad Poetry in Urdu

سوچا نہیں تھا تقدیر یہاں لائے گی

منزل پر آ کے ہی جان چلی جائے گی

death poetry in urdu facebook

Death Poetry in urdu 2 lines text

 Suna Hai Tumhari Saltanat Mei IshQ Ki Saza Mout Hai

Lo Mujhe Maar Dalo Muje Tum Se Mohabbat Hai 

 Irada-E-Qatal Tha To Sarr Kalam Kar Dety

Kiun Ishq Me Daal K Tum Ne Har Saans Py Mout Likh Dii

Good Evening Shayari in Urdu

Zeest or Mout ki Sarhad pe padhe Mudat takk.

Waqt Guzra Hai to Jeney ki Ada Seekhi Hai.


death poetry in urdu for father


Agr ruk jaye meri dharkan to isey mout na samjhna

Kayi bar aisa hova hai  tujhy yad krte krte 

Qeher hai, Mout hai, Qaza hai Ishq..!!

Sach to ya hai Buri Balla hai Ishq..!!

Hai Dil k liye Mout, Masheno’n ki Hakumat!

Ehsaas-e-murawat ko kuchal daity hain aalaat!


shaheed shayari rekhta


Tum Mout Bi Ban Jao Tumhari Qasam,

Hum Phir Bhi TuM Se Milnay Ki Dua Karen Gy

Aye ‘Dard’ TujHy ALwiDaa…

 Wo DekHo Mout Meri Mulaqaat Pe Ai Hai

Hansi Tumhare HontOun Se Kabhi Na Jaye,

Khuda Kare Tu Hamari Mout Par Bhi Muskuraye..!


Sad Poetry about Death in urdu facebook

Na Woh Aaye Key Raahat Ho, Na Mout Aaye Key Fursat Ho

Para Hai Dil Kashmakash Mai Na Gham Nikle Na Dam Nikle

,Irada-E-Qatal Tha To Sar Kalam Kr Dete,

Q Ishq Me Daal K Tum Ne Har Saans Pe Mout Likh Di,

Hansi Tumhare HontOun Se Kabhi Na Jaye؛

Khuda Kare Tu Hamari Mout Par Bhi Muskuraye؛

Death Line Poetry Urdu/Hindi

Take great care of yourself..!
Now I have to mourn your 
Mary jnazay ky peachy sara zamzna nikla..!
MAgar Wo NA Nikla Jis Kalyia Mara Jamaza Nikla

سوچا نہیں تھا تقدیر یہاں لائے گی

منزل پر آ کے ہی جان چلی جائے گی

Anaa Poetry in Urdu | Urdu poetry, Urdu poetry romantic pics, Love poetry images

It’s time of death, a new epidemic
There is also a punishment for breathing
Tilak doesn’t give up
Love is a call to your heart..!

کچھ بھی نہیں بدلےگا یہاں میرے بن

بس دو چار لوگ روئیں گے, دو چار دن

Urdu Poetry Romantic; Lovely , Urdu Shayari Ghazals Rain Poetry Photo Wallpapers Calendar 2020: Urdu Poetry about death - Urdu Shayari about death

Mari Mayat Ko Jab uthane ki Bat Ho Gi..!

Har Ankh Se ANsu Ki Barsat Ho Gi

Ab Muskara Ky 1 Phool Rakh Dana Mari Hathali Par

Jate Jate Apki Koi Nishani To Sath Ho Gi..!

MOuT ShaYeD Isi KO KeHTe Hain

Dill AB KhuwaHisHen NaHin KarTa.

Sad death Poetry in Urdu and Hindi for lover and father brother mother pics images

Dragging yourself around where Zeb is
Let’s give this body to the dust

Best Hindi Poem on the death of a friend

कहाँ ढूंढोगे मुझको, मेरा पता लेते जाओ,

एक कब्र नई होगी उस पर जलता दिया होगा।


बिखरे पड़े हैं पत्थर मेरी क़ब्र के,

तुम जो आ जाओ तो मरम्मत हो जाये।


अंदर से तो कब के मर चुके है हम

ए मौत तू भी आजा लोग सबूत मांगते हैं।


वो इतना रोई मेरी मौत पर मुझे जगाने के लिए,

मैं मरता ही क्यूँ वो थोड़ा रो देती मुझे पाने के लिए।


उसकी नजरों के सामने मेरी मौत हो ऐ खुदा,

और मुझे छूने का हक बस सिर्फ उसे ना हो।

Best Urdu Shayari on Death with Images pics

What is (Maut) Death?

They’re additionally researchers who attempted to reply. 200 unique speculations they have, regarding what is death. mout is this… death is this… channel is this and each of the 200 aren’t right.

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What the Quran has said, is a reality.

At the point when ALLAH takes the ruh (soul) of this individual away, that is the time his mouth happens. Ali R.A Said death u can get away from it if u will go against it, it will overwhelm you and if u flee from it, it will discover you.

Run. run any place you need, yet on its designated time that ‘most’ will discover you, regardless of whether you were in a braced post. assuming this world planned to permit anybody to live perpetually, Muhammad (saw) would not have tipsy from the cup of death,

Each nafs (soul) will taste death. assuming you need to know the truth of this life, going to the cemeteries. Go and take a gander at those barren graves. Take a quick trip and see who is covered there. A similar legislator and a similar lead representative and a similar minster and a similar ruler,

fotgi ki dua

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